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The Art Factory

NEWS Posted on Sat, August 09, 2014 15:52:49

This summer we are exhibiting again in the old concrete factory in Grönhögen on Öland. The old rooms and walls have a new and maybe last purpose. As you can see on the new blog that follows the projekt.
Together with colleague artists Petra Pettersson and Ine van Wesel we exhibit our own art but also made installations as a group.

The project got good reviews in local newspapers and has been well received by visitors. Our relationsship with the building grows and we feel more and more attached to this grand old lady. The exhibition will last untill the 17th of August and will be opened again on skördefesten and konstnatten at the 26th of september.
more info here:

Make Hats not War

NEWS Posted on Sat, February 08, 2014 14:24:47

They often say to stay close to your own life when it comes to artisticity and creative projects. It will automatically have a soul.

Well this project is close to our heart on many levels. We believe in re-using material, We believe in understanding and communication instead of conflict and war en we both like hats!

PPL8 (pipilotta) is now producing hats (keps in swedish) made from used army material. We feel that in this way the military serves society in a more visible way. We surely hope many will be interested in this handmade and in every way of the word ‘original” headwear. Wearing a hat like this will be not only a nostalgic experience but also a subtle statement that we should put more emphasis and attention to make the world a more attractive place to live in.

or as Monty Python put it in their film “The Meaning of Life”:
” people are not wearing enough hats”

The birth of a keps will be shown in a short film consisting thousands of photo’s put together.

a short impression can be seen here.


Ljus på kultur

NEWS Posted on Tue, November 19, 2013 18:50:57

video installation

At the first edition of the cultural event “Ljus på kultur” in Kalmar I made a videoinstallation in the atelier of Petra Pettersson at Lindöateljeerna.
A short looped film projected on the window of the atelier so it could be seen on the inside and outside of the building. It showed the atelier “at work” without the presence of the artist. Visitors could get an impression of the daily activities in Petra’s artistic base. Also see my film website page.


NEWS Posted on Fri, October 18, 2013 23:07:48

During the groupexhibition in Himmelsberga Museum on Öland I had the opportunity to show my new video installation called “The Immigrant”. I feel that this specific piece is at his best in a museal environment. It represents the first impressions a newcomer can have when moving to another country and how this effects the senses. The immigrant contains a 6 minute looped video/soundscape. I am happy that this somewhat claustrofobic artwork found its way to native swedish eyes.

Konstnatten Öland 2013

NEWS Posted on Fri, October 18, 2013 22:35:43

The exhibition in the old concrete factory in Grönhogen and the première of the short film Tidens Gång (The passing of time) generated good response. Both of visitors and in the newspaper. Our collective “3 Konstnärer” , a collaboration with Petra Pettersson and Ine van Wesel, raised some attention. We feel that a follow up in the near future should be something to consider. We made new connections with artists and enthousiastic people. And we are sure that much more is possible in the south of Öland.