They often say to stay close to your own life when it comes to artisticity and creative projects. It will automatically have a soul.

Well this project is close to our heart on many levels. We believe in re-using material, We believe in understanding and communication instead of conflict and war en we both like hats!

PPL8 (pipilotta) is now producing hats (keps in swedish) made from used army material. We feel that in this way the military serves society in a more visible way. We surely hope many will be interested in this handmade and in every way of the word ‘original” headwear. Wearing a hat like this will be not only a nostalgic experience but also a subtle statement that we should put more emphasis and attention to make the world a more attractive place to live in.

or as Monty Python put it in their film “The Meaning of Life”:
” people are not wearing enough hats”

The birth of a keps will be shown in a short film consisting thousands of photo’s put together.

a short impression can be seen here.